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Dear Ruth,

Thank you and Rob to very much for the nice check! Most of all, Mike and I owe you a HUGE debt of gratitude for helping us with the “mother of all moves!” It was overwhelming and we absolutlely could not have done it without your invaluable help. You not only helped by always saying “yes” to whatever we wanted but Rob came to my rescue on the next–to–last day when I was having the beginnings of a MAJOR meltdown.

Rob come in, organized Pedro and his guys and off they went in all directions with our stuff. It was a beauty to behold. And Arlis! Oh my goodness! WHAT a treasure and friend.

Again, we could not have done it without your patience and expertise. Thank you for everything!

Lou Ann
September 3 , 2009


You and your grandmother's services were professional and extraordinary. I will gladly recommend your services to clients in Dallas. Thanks again.

L. Parker
Lamb Law Firm
September 12 , 2008

Dear Ruth and Rob,

Thank you for selling the silver flatware. I do appreciate your kindness and effort in this transaction and all of your many other kindnesses to me.

With sincere gratitude,
Bob P.
August 9, 2008

Dear Mrs. Taylor,

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your Idelwood sale. Your kindness and compassion were deeply appreciated and you have truly been a life saver. Thank you again!

M. Eide
August 7, 2008

Hi, Ruth and Rob!

We've been meaning to write you a note since March to tell both of you how much we enjoyed working with you during Bob Welch's estate sale! You were so good at what you did and we couldn't believe how nice the house was set up for the sale. The sale was a big success thanks to you!

I also commend you on your customer service. When we would call one of you, not 15 minutes later, the call would be returned! You handled everything so professionally! We know who we would call if we needed to have another estate sale in the future! Many thanks again!

The Welch Family
May 22, 2008

Dear Mrs. Ruth and Rob,

I wanted to update you regarding the house on McCommas. We have a contract and hope to close mid-February. Bill has been great to work with in this process. Thank you so much for recommending him.

Helen called me today to say the "new" neighbor had already been over to meet her and she is very pleased. She mentioned that the new neighbors would be downsizing so she wants to tell them about you if they want to have an estate sale. She cracks me up!

Hope you are doing well and looking forward to a great 2008. Many thanks to you and your grandmother for all that you did. We appreciate it!

Sharon and Todd
January 17, 2008

Dear Mrs. Ruth and Rob -

I don't know how to thank you both for all you did for Ann and me. I am sure you did it all as a favor to our parents, but please accept my thanks. Your tireless working, unflagging spirit and delightful attitudes made a difficult time for us a pleasure. I know that our sale was one of the scariest ever - thank you for not giving up on us!

I'd love to sing your praises from the top of the world and if I can be of any service to you or your's, please do no hesitate to call on us.

My love and best wishes,

B. Currey
May 15, 2007

We have a good friend who came to our sale and bought the painting over the sofa in the den, to place over her fireplace, as a reminder of [us]. She complimented you all for the professional way in which the sale was going on, the way items were displayed, and the conduct of your team.

This same friend has now called me to share her experience with an Estate Sale in the Highland Park area. She said it was like a garage sale. Everything just in piles. The "team" was dirty, and of no real help. She and a friend just up-and-walked out, after spending a long time in line. She said it was nothing like the conduct of our [Ruth Taylor] sale. It was a "Professional Sale". Thought you might like to add this to your collection, which I am sure is quite large by now.


Tom S.
March 31, 2007

You all are awesome!! My folks house has never looked better. You both are gifted designers and marketers. The pic's make me want to go to the sale and buy a lot of stuff!

Thanks also for the extra attention that you have given to this project. At 300 miles away, it is comforting to know that the sale is being handled professionally. You guy's are great!

Loy S.
March 16, 2007

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